Listed below are a number of learning links that can be utilised at home. We hope you enjoy the variety of sites on offer. If there is a site your child uses and you feel that it supports their learning we would love to hear from you so we can consider adding it to our learning links page.

Count and form a set of objects up to 10.

Numbers "before" and "after"

Addition and Subtraction Facts to 5

Addition Facts to and within 10 (addend required)

Addition Facts to & within 10 (answers required)

Addition and Subtraction facts within and to 10

Addition and subtraction facts to 10

Addition and subtraction facts to 20

Multiplication and Division

1-12 Times Table Chart

Fractions / Decimals and Prime Numbers


NZ MATHS provides wonderful maths information for parents. It is provides a number of MATHS ACTIVITIES for different areas. If you want specific support with ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION OR DIVISION you can also use the learning objects from NZ Maths (you may need to create a login; it is free; if your child does not have one).