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Templeton Primary School - Alert Level 2 Plan

Kia ora koutou e te whānau,

Our school will operate under the normal school hours of 9:00am - 3:00pm. Access to the school site is from 8:30am each morning.

We are really looking forward to welcoming our wonderful Templeton School children back onsite tomorrow morning. 

At Alert Level 2 there is low risk of community transmission and it provides us with a lot more opportunities to engage and connect with others. However, there are still a number of public health requirements we all need to follow. Please continue to monitor your health and do not send your children to school if they are not well (and please seek advice about getting a COVID test).

 For us, all the required safety precautions for Alert Level 2 will be in place including following all the recommendations from the public health experts. This means we will regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces, encourage everyone to frequently wash their hands and cough and sneeze into their elbow.

 While physical distancing is not a requirement in schools, we will be doing our best to keep students from congregating in very large numbers and keeping spaces well-ventilated.

Face coverings are not required to be worn in school.  The decision to wear a face covering is up to each child and their whānau, whatever your decision it will be respected. Where an individual chooses to use a face covering they should supply and wear their own, and to do so safely. This option applies to younger children too.

If you are not sure what all the rules are for alert level 2 when you are out and about, then the following information may be useful to you:

The Templeton staff have processed the Alert Level 2 MoH and MoE guidelines and confirmed the following specific detail to ensure we keep our people safe in our school environment:

(Please note, we will continue to review and adapt our plan in the coming days as we adjust to our new normal in Alert Level 2)


Pick up process for parents and caregivers of Korimako and other Junior children with identified needs who are able to come on-site:


Pick up process for parents and caregivers who wait off-site:


Example: The youngest sibling is in Tui, the older siblings from Kākā, Ti Kouka and Rm 9 will all need to wait at the Staff Car Park for collection.

As September has changeable weather, children will need to be dressed accordingly to ensure that they remain warm, dry and visible on cold and wet days. We will follow the uniform requirements for children when they are in class and out in the playground, weather permitting. Some children may need to walk longer distances or wait longer at designated areas during Alert Level 2. Please ensure that your child has the necessary wet and cold weather and winter clothing on top of their uniform when travelling to and from school each day. This means that families do not have to have uniform specific jackets for their children to wear over their uniform each day. 

Please note that this is a ‘living system’ that will be regularly reviewed and refined based on Alert Level requirements. After much measured consideration, this is the most effective plan we can put in place at this point in time to manage the health and safety needs of our children, staff and community. We continue to balance the health and safety requirements of both the road safety and COVID-19 management systems during Alert Level 2.


Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s kaiako or I if there is something you need assistance with. 


Kind regards,


Nick Pratt

Principal - Tumuaki

Templeton Primary School - Te Kura o Rātā

Remote Learning Programmes - Level 3

Below we have links to access our Remote Learning Programmes.  These include links to online Google Meets and other information to help navigate your way through our week of learning.  Please email your child's teacher if you have any questions about the specifics of these timetables. 

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MLT Remote Learning Timetables

ILT Remote Learning Programme Timetable - 31.8-3.9

Onsite ILT Remote Learning Programme Timetable - 6.9-10.9

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