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Templeton Primary School is a Full Primary School, catering for children from Year 1 to Year 8. There is a defined catchment area for pupils: the school caters mainly for children in Templeton and its immediate environs. The school has experienced regular growth in recent times, and the Board of Trustees has implemented and actioned a strategic plan to cope with future expansion. A significant emphasis has been placed on upgrading property systems, Information and Communication Technologies and multi-purpose facilities to facilitate 21st Century learning. Templeton School is strongly committed to establishing and maintaining effective learning partnerships with students and parents/caregivers and ensures open lines of communication are maintained. Templeton School has a significant presence in the local community and has maintained the strong community links established by previous trustees and school personnel.

School Vision

‘Through the efforts and example of the Templeton Primary School community our children will be learners for life.

 Templeton Learners will achieve excellence in their learning by being WISE. . .

Working Together


Self Managing


Mission Statement

‘In Partnership we Educate’

Our school vision has been developed in consultation with our staff, students, the Board of Trustees, and parent community.  The purpose of this consultation was to ensure that the vision represented the views of the entire school community. It describes the future the school community envisages for all stake holders and the vision for students as confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.


The values WISE Learners live by.

These values are observed in the way we work with and relate to others.

Pride – Whakahi: We will be proud of ourselves, our achievements, other people and our school.

Excellence - Whairawe – pukenga:  We will strive for excellence in everything we do.

Integrity – Aropai: We will be considerate, courteous, respectful and honest.

Innovation – Arohau:  We will ask questions and be curious and creative.

Responsibility – Kawenga:  We will take responsibility for our learning and our behaviour.



The values identified in The Templeton Way align to the New Zealand Curriculum values in the following ways:

Pride – Whakahi (excellence, integrity)

Excellence - Whairawe – pukenga (excellence)

Integrity – Aropai (respect, integrity, equity, diversity)

Innovation – Arohau (innovation, inquiry, and curiosity)

Responsibility - Kawenga (community and participation, ecological sustainability)