Templeton School is a Full Primary School, catering for children from Year 1 to Year 8. There is a defined catchment area for pupils: the school caters mainly for children in Templeton and its immediate environs. The school has experienced regular growth in recent times, and the Board of Trustees has implemented and actioned a strategic plan to cope with future expansion. A significant emphasis has been placed on upgrading property systems, Information and Communication Technologies and multi-purpose facilities to facilitate 21st Century learning. Templeton School is strongly committed to establishing and maintaining effective learning partnerships with students and parents/caregivers and ensures open lines of communication are maintained. Templeton School has a significant presence in the local community and has maintained the strong community links established by previous trustees and school personnel.

Term 1 = 4 Feb - 2 Apr Term 2 = 20 Apr - 3 Jul  Term 3 =  20 Jul - 25 Sep  Term 4 = 12 Oct - 18 Dec

Starting school is an exciting time for both children and their families. At Templeton School we work hard to ensure each child has a positive and successful transition to school. We look forward to building a wonderful relationship with you, your family and your child.  Read more...

2014 Winter Sport

Templeton Community Calendar

Learning in Action
Room 9 took a quick look at Surrealism based on the work of Renee Magritte.  We hope you enjoy the timelapse of Gemma completing her artwork.

Room 9 Surrealism

Learning in Action
Room 14 have been working on short sharp snappy pieces of writing to grab the readers attention.  Great to be able to share the work of some of the Room 14 authors.

Room 14 Exciting Writing

If you would like to see more learning in action feel free to visit the photos / videos page or our assembly blog page.

Me and My School Y4-8 Demo (password - jrdemo)
Me and My School Y7/8 Demo (paasword - demo)