Setting Up For Success

"Painting the school green"

Our current focus is Tier One (whole school).  We are focusing on a 'stream' analogy.  In order to help all 'fish' we need to provide a healthy 'green' stream.  All of our systems, data analysis, staff professional development and resources are geared toward creating a safe and secure environment for all to thrive at our kura.  

Our 2023 PB4L team at Templeton School / Te Kura o Rātā includes:

Pauline Trathen (lead and JLT)

Penny McCauley (lead)

Linda vanden Hoek (lead)

Nick Pratt (Tumuaki/Principal)

Georgia Haines (MLT)

Mijin Kim (MLT)

Anita Boaz (SLT)

Lisa Nimmo (ILT)

Please email or talk to us if you have any questions.