Monitoring and Evaluation

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." MAYA ANGELOU

Summary of whānau responses from the above survey 

- Term four 2023

Summary of ākonga/student responses from the above survey 

- Term four 2023

Data analysis to develop systems and practices

We noticed that we had a problem with the use of our sports shed equipment at break times.  Lots of it was going missing due to it not being returned effectively at the end of breaks or the end of the day.

This was identified and so the system we set up was reinforced by the lesson plan (to the left).  This isn't the whole plan but it gives an idea.  Senior ākonga/learners helped make a video to show how to get and return equipment so that everyone knew what to do.  This is an example of using data to develop new practices and lessons. 

In term one we noticed that our tamariki/children needed lots of reminders to wear their pōtae/hats and also to keep the cloakrooms tidy.  These became a focus and we noticed a huge improvement.

We also use our playground behaviour data to help modify our Active Supervision practices and feedback (and token issuing).

RATA reflection bubbles

We have created reflection bubbles related to our four RATA values to use with ākonga through the day (and often at the end) to evaluate how they are doing.  Self and peer reflection are ways of gathering the voice of our tamariki and a check in to see if they truly understand our values.