Discouraging Inappropriate Behaviour

reflective planning 

PB4L school-wide is for everyone - universal strategies.  At times, we reflect on what else we can add to our learning spaces to 'paint it green'.  This system helps teachers and teams reflect on what they are doing and offers further suggestions to try.   Many of the resources behind these links are already being used throughout our kura.  This is a reference guide.  It is something that will continue to be added to over time.

Behaviour Continuum

The above diagram was adapted from one shown to us by the team at Wairaikei School.  We thank them for allowing us to adjust it to fit our purpose.  As said on previous pages, behaviour is communication.  It can usually be understood as trying to avoid or obtain something e.g. items, attention, or filling a sensory need.  

We all muck up and need to make it right occasionally.  Sometimes this can be done independently and sometimes we need help.  Green is our 'go-zone'.  We are regulated and acting in a positive way.  Yellow is a one off incident that usually can be put right fairly quickly and simply.  Orange to red to black shows the incident becoming more serious.  Sometimes it is a series of repeated behaviours that even with support and coaching seem to continue to happen.  As we move further to the right of the continuum we need a bigger team and plan to help get things back on track.

Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice is a relational approach to managing school life grounded in beliefs about equality, dignity, mana and the potential of all people.  It is about restoring relationships by repairing any harm caused through conflict situations. 

At Templeton School/Te Kura o Rātā we are using the five stages of restorative practice to help us work through conflict in our school.  

These are:

Please see an example of the type of script we are using. 


At Templeton School / Te Kura o Rātā we have worked as a staff to understand what bullying is, so that we are all on the same page when dealing with any instances that occur at school. 

Our agreed definition is as follows:

Intentional targeted behaviour (often repetitive) designed to cause harm.  A power imbalance is created which controls how a person is perceived or is able to behave. 

Here is a link to Bullyingfree New Zealand which has some excellent resources and information.