Acknowledging Expected Behaviour

RATA tokens 

House celebrations

Once the house reaches the agreed amount they receive a house celebration e.g. swim, sausage sizzle, extra play.  Each house receives this once they reach the required amount of tokens. 

RATA tokens Whole School celebration

Ākonga/learners receive their token for the focused behaviour we are teaching.  They then vote for their favourite option.  At the end of term the whole school celebrates.  This one was water play, swim, movie and games.

RATA certificates

Kaiako/teachers choose ākonga/learners to receive a certificate from their Team Leader at our fortnighly whole school assemblies.  These are based on our four values Respect, Aroha, Tenacity or Ako.

RATA End of Year Award

in 2022 Kaiako were asked to choose up to two ākonga/learners from their classes to receive a very special award at our final assembly presented by our Tumuaki/Principal Nick Pratt.

Feedback is necessary to help embed the new skills 

The feedback is the cake, the icing is the token.  It helps keep our emotional tank full.