We believe that regular two-way communication between home and school is essential.  Teachers report on individual student progress to inform parents and promote partnerships in the learning process.

It is our intention to provide clear, meaningful information about your child's learning, progress adn achievement.  This information sharing can be used to support learning both at home and at school.

All families have the opportunity to meet with their child's teacher twice a year in a formal setting.  

We hold learning conversations at the end of term one.  The focus for these conversation is based on the student information sheet parents are asked to fill in mid way through the term.  Teachers use the points from these as a conversation starter as well as discussing how the child has settled into learning for the year and the next learning steps.

In term two we open our online reporting.  This has examples of learning across a variety of curriculum areas as well as informing parents about the level their child is currently working in reading, writing and maths.  The online report has a graph to refer to, this displays the level children are working at in relation to the expected level for their year group.  The online report also has a variety of assessment information collected in semester one (terms one and two).

During the same week the online reports are opened we hold Learning Conferences for each child.  This is a 3 way conference.  In the Middle Learning Team and Intermediate Learning Team the children present a curriculum area to their parents explaining what they have been working on, what was successful and what they will continue working on.  Teachers will discuss the progress that has been made in core curriculum areas, highlights from other areas and what are their next steps in learning.  At this meeting parents are also provided with a paper summary of the online report. 

At the end of the year we once again open the online reports so parents can see the progress their child has made throughout the year.  Further learning examples and assessments are updated throughout semester two (terms three and four) to share with parents.  A summary report is printed for parents.

Please feel free to speak with your child's teacher throughout the year on the progress that is being made.

The Junior Learning Team and Middle Learning Team also use Seesaw as an informal way of sharing learning that happens on a daily basis.  We think about this as looking through the window at everyday learning.  This may also help to prompt conversations about the learning that is happening at school.

A Celebration of Learning book is used in the Intermediate Learning Team.  This holds paper copies of learning completed throughout the year.  These are shared at the mid year learning conference and sent home at the end of the year.