We believe that regular two-way communication between home and school is essential.  Teachers report on individual student progress to inform parents and promote partnerships in the learning process.

It is our intention to provide clear, meaningful information about your child's learning, progress adn achievement.  This information sharing can be used to support learning both at home and at school.

Students in Year 1 - 3 will have a 3-way learning conference with their parents and teacher twice a year depending on when their birthday occurs.  At each conference a written report will be given to parents.

Students in Year 4 - 8 will have a 3-way learning conference at the beginning of Term Two.  They will also receive a written progress report at the end of Term Two and a written achievement report at the end of Term Four.

A Learning Log for each student, Year 1 - 8, is completed during the year and shared with parents.  This learning Log contains learning samples and assessment data which helps to demonstrate your child's learning journey.

Schools are required to report to parents on the progress of their children, with reference to the National Standards, twice a year, in written form.

The standards apply to achievement in:

The National Standards are broadly stated and can be thought of as a band of achievement that children are working towards, working within or working beyond.  Teachers are required to make overall teacher judgements when determining a child's level of achievement against the National Standards, taking into account multiple sources of information.

National Standards key expectations are detailed below:
After one full year (40 weeks):        working towards Level 1 of the NZ curriculum

After two full years (80 weeks):      working at Level 1 of the NZC

After three full years (120 weeks):  working towards Level 2 of the NZC

End of Year 4:                                      working at Level 2 of the NZC

End of Year 5:                                      working towards Level 3 of the NZC

End of Year 6:                                      working at Level 3 of the NZC

End of Year 7:                                      working towards Level 4 of the NZC

End of Year 8:                                      working at Level 4 of the NZC