Numeracy learning in schools is now based on the Numeracy Framework.  Below is information from the New Zealand Maths website ( ) that explains this framework.  As parents it is important that you understand the framework.  It is no doubt quite different to how maths was learnt when parents went through school.   You can also use the activities that support your child's learning from the NZ Maths website ( ).


What is the Number Framework?

The Number Framework is intended to help teachers, parents and students understand the stages of learning of number knowledge and understanding.

There are two sections to the Number Framework. The Strategy section describes the processes students use to solve problems involving numbers - how they work things out. The Knowledge section describes the key items about number that children know and can recall quickly.

The two sections are linked, with children requiring knowledge to improve their strategies, and using strategies to develop new knowledge.


Templeton School has developed a maths progression outline across the school.  The maths progressions represent the key strategies at a given year level.  It is often important to further develop children's understanding by exposing them to other strategies at their year level before moving on to the next level of progressions.

The Templeton School maths progressions are outlined below.

 New Entrant / Year 0  After 1 Year  After 2 Years  After 3 Years
 Year 4  Year 5  Year 6  Year 7
 Year 8