Online Reports
End of Term 2 2018
At the end of term two we ran several sessions to inform parents about our online reporting.  The online report has four layers to it, these are explained in the visual guide.  Below are three documents we have used to support parents access their child's report;

Literacy - Writing
21st August 2017
Murray Gadd ran a session based on engaging children with writing. 
Murray is an expert in the field of Literacy, contributing to at least five key resources in NZ education including the NZ curriculum and the National Standards.  He is nationally and internationally recognised in this field.
The session outlined what happens at school and how writing can be supported at home.

Brain Development in Children & Managing Challenging Behaviours
8th June 2017
Anxiety in Children & Managing Feelings
25th May 2017
The Methodist Mission ran two sessions to support parents.  The following resources summarises the presentations and offers parent information to try at home.

CyberSafety - John Parsons
1 March 2017
Key Topics Covered
  • Challenges children face when using ICT
  • Tools to support children in how to use ICT safely and ethically at home and at school
  • Support for practical situations that may be faced
  • How to safeguard children
Resource material included;

Maths Information Evening
6 May 2015
Basic Facts Deliberate Practice
Tonight we discussed the need for deliberate practice of the Basic Facts.  This is a three week (or so) block of intensive maths focussing on the basic facts.  The idea is to supercharge the recall of basic facts  (- and it could only take 7 minutes a day -) so your child will be able to explore other maths strategies or use their knowledge in lots of different situations.

Deliberate practice has three phases
Pre Action - start with asking:
    What is your goal for the day? (think about small bites - "I will focus on the 7 and 9 times tables" rather than "I am going         to know all of my times tables" 
    How will you know you have achieved it?
    Are there any obstacles you need to overcome?

    Engage in the deliberate practice (these could be anywhere between 7 - 15 minutes)
        The resources shared by the teachers are listed below - if you are unable to print these yourself please contact andrew             ( with your child's name, class and the resource you would like printed.

Post Action - finish off with:
    What have you got better at?
    How do you know?
    What will you do to make progress tomorrow?

Have a think about the environment that has been set up for the deliberate practice.  Provide a;
    focussed area (maybe big enough for two)
    free from distractions
    have a conversation about how to refocus (this could be as simple as a couple of deep breaths)

Click here for the handout that Mike went through during the information session.

Please remember deliberate practice is tiring and should be done in bursts rather than a whole term of the same thing - like everything variety is the spice of life.  Other maths resources are available from our school maths page.

We have outlined in the table below the modelling sessions taken by the teachers, the focus and the resources they used.
Where was the session held:

Focus of the session:

Downloadable Resource:

Where: Room 1

Stage 0-1


1) Count and form a set of objects up to 10

2) Numbers ‘before’ and ‘after’

Numbers to 20

Where: Room 2

Stage 2-3


1) Addition facts with 5

2) Addition and subtraction facts to 5

Addition and Subtraction to 5 Deliberate Practice Cards

Where: Room 4

Year 2


1) Addition facts to 10

2) Addition facts within 10

Addition Facts to and within 10 (addend required)

Addition Facts to and within 10 (answers required)

Where: Room 5

Year 3


1) Addition and Subtraction facts within and to 10

2) Addition facts that make 20

Family of Facts to 10 Deliberate Practice Cards

Family of Facts to 20 Deliberate Practice Cards

Where: Room 15

Year 4


1) Addition and subtraction facts to 20

Subtraction to 10 Deliberate Practice Cards

Subtraction to 20 Deliberate Practice Cards

Where: Auditorium

Year 5/6


1) Multiplication facts

Multiplication Deliberate Practice Cards

Year 7/8

Where: Rooms 7 / 8 / 9


1) Multiplication

2) Division

3) Fractions/Decimals and Prime numbers

Multiplication and Division Deliberate Practice Cards

Fractions and Decimals Deliberate Practice Cards

Times Table Chart

eLearning Information Evening
29 October 2014
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