School Vision
'Through the efforts and example of the Templeton Primary School community our children will be learners for life.'

Mission Statement
'In Partnership we Educate'
Our school mission statement has been developed in consultation with our staff, students, Board of Trustees and parent community.  the purpose of this consultation was to ensure that the vision represented the views of the entire school community. It describes the future the school community envisages for all stake holders and the vision for students as confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

School Qualities
Qualities and values are deeply held beliefs detailing what our school community considers most important for our learners so that they will thrive in diverse communities.  The Templeton community has developed the following values which will be reflected in everyday actions and interactions within the school.
Templeton Learners will achieve excellence in their learning by being WISE...
Working Together: Cooperate, Be a Friend, Include Others
Inquiring: Be Curious, Think, Share Ideas
Self Managing: Good Choices, Ready to Learn, Responsibility
Enthusiastic: Join In, Be Proud, Do Your Best

WISE learner values:
  • Consideration
  • Respect
  • Honesty
These qualities and values are evident in the way our children interact, the relationships we build and are integrated into teaching and learning.
The qualities and values embedded in our WISE learner attributes align to the New Zealand Curriculum values in the following ways:

orking Together    :  diversity, equity, integrity, respect, ecological sustainability
Inquiring                          :  innovation, inquiry, curiosity
elf Managing               :  integrity, community, participation, respect
nthusiastic              :  excellence, diversity, community, participation, integrity, respect