2019 Y8 Leaders at TPS
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School Leaders

Peer Support Leaders

Our leadership programme is for Year 8 students at our school.  Students are as they progress through the school, leadership skills are fostered and developed.  Year 7 students are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills ready for their final year.  All Year 8 students are leaders and they play an integral part in helping to run our school.

All Year 8 students take part in administration tasks such as: bell ringing, daily notices, minding the phones at morning tea, collecting and delivering lunches, and helping our caretakers at regular intervals.  They are also given the opportunity to volunteer to be Road Patrollers and to help with Junior lunch area duty.

Year 7 and 8 students practice their leadership skills by supervising classes at morning tea and lunchtime on wet or cold days.

At the end of the year the Year 7 students are surveyed and asked to choose the four Year 7 people who they think show the best WISE qualities in the school.  Each child is asked if they would like to be selected as a Y8 leader and the role they would like to take.  Senior school teachers and senior management are surveyed also and then leadership decisions are made over several meetings.  The final decision is always made by the Principal.  These leaders are announced at the final school assembly and the previous year's leaders present their badges.

Specific differences between leadership roles:
All students organise events.  These have included;  gumboot day, cystic fibrosis house colour day, mobile phone collection for Starship hospital, Westpac helicopter appeal, Kid's Can mufti day, Sport Canterbury Top Team day, school talent quest and a year book.

School Leaders:  Run assemblies and our Senior Team Time (including interclass challenges), show new parents through the school, speak at the ANZAC day service, help run school photo day, and are ambassadors for visitors and for our Transition to School meetings.  They attend the National Young Leaders conference in April each year.

House Leaders:  Help with all sports days, announce the house shield each term, run or assist with students who need help during events.  They use the house flags and toys to build house spirit on the days.  They organise house colour events.  They get to attend the Flag Footy tournament at the end of the year.

Peer Support:  Each Junior class is assigned a 'Peer Support' leader.  They liaise with their class and help in a variety of areas.  It may be reading or spelling assistance, help during topic work or sports days.  They make a point of getting to know the students in their class and play with them in the playground.  They often give out certificates at Junior Wise Time to their classes.  At the end of the year they attend the Junior EOTC day at the Halswell domain to assist and play with their classes.